Carpspots – Karpervissen in Frankrijk

Jungle Lake – Martin’s Lakes

jungle lakeJungle Lake is part of the same complex as Specimen Lake about 1.5 acres. Both lakes are part of a complex called Martin’s Lakes of 70 acres in the untouched French nature in Forêt de la Double.

Because of it’s shape it fits two anglers and the maximum depth is 6 to 7 feet. The average weight is less then what you are able to catch on Specimen Lake. The largest fish are around 30 lbs and it’s best described as a runs water.. There are no major obstacles and the lkae is at it’s deepest at the dam wall area.  The lake can be fished from a variety of spots around the water.

It is therefore a perfect place for a week of vacation with friends or family where the action is more important than the weight of the fish. The water lends itself, in addition to the static fishing, also great for walking with a pin. You can use fine light material for this because the water has no obstacles.

On the lake there is a large caravan (with an awning in the summer months) which is available for guests with a separate shower room and toilet. There is also a satellite (English) TV in the caravan. The caravan has a standard double bed and there is also a single bed and there is the possibility to turn the dining table into a double bed!

The kitchen has a large fridge-freezer, gas oven, hob and a sink with hot and cold water. Cooking utensils, pans etc is all present.

You can choose to cook your own food, but you can also have your meals taken care of by the owners, Greg and Nikki. A bonus is that it is also possible to rent a complete equipment on the spot and that is certainly worth considering when you decide to travel with your family or friends to this beautiful complex.

This water offers you, in addition to fishing pleasure with lots of action, a lot of peace and rest in nature. Ideal for camping with the family and  kids with a lot of action and beautiful carp.


  • Size1.5 acres
  • Multiple swims arround the lake
  • Maximum of 2 anglers
  • Carp up to 30lb
  • No poison-chat
  • 6,5 meter caravan with an awning
  • Depth up to 2 meter
  • Elektricity in the caravan
  • Freezer-fridge combi
  • In the middle of the woods
  • Satellite  tv in de caravan
  • Shower and toilet
  • Possibility to rent a baitboat
  • Possibility to rent equipment 
  • Excelent food package available
  • contact us for more details.


  • Anglers below the age of 16 have to fish under supervision of an adult while angling
  • Unhooking mat required
  • Only well-prepared particles, corn and hemp are allowed
  • Nuts are not allowed
  • Up to 3 rods per fisherman
  • Sacking of the fish is forbidden.
  • Catfish must immediately be put back.
  • Only PVC weighing bags allowed
  • Leadcore leaders are forbidden.
  • Multi-hook rigs for catfish are forbidden
  • Microbarb hooks are recommended
  • The main line has a minimum strength of 15lb
  • No braided main lines.
  • Landing net at least 42 inches (1.07 meters) wide.
  • Live bait is forbidden.
  • No open fire.
  • No unguarded rods.
  • The use of Klinic (or something similar) for treating the hook wound is mandatory.
  • Life jacket in the boat is mandatory.
  • Visitors must be notified in advance to the owner
  • Garbage in the designated bins.
  • Arrival for the lake after noon on Saturday
  • Departure no later than 10 am on Saturday


  •  exclusive booking (max 2 vissers)                                            € 525,–


  • Martins Lake special carp pellets  4 mm  of 15 mm                 €    3,50  /kg
  • Prepared particles , wheat and maize                                      €    2,50 /kg
  • Boilies 20 mm, Scopex, Monstercrab of strawberry                 €   15,– /kg


  • Foodpackage                                                                           € 165,–     per week
  • Baitboat Viper Icon                                                                  €   80,-      per week


GPS: 45.087679, 0.229373


Call or email us for the latest availablility of this lake
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