Carpspots – Karpervissen in Frankrijk

Specimen Lake – Martin’s Lakes

specimen lake

Specimen Lake is a beautiful 7 acre carp lake is set in 80 acres of unspoiled French countryside and the rural setting means peace and tranquility for you to enjoy your carp fishing holiday.

The lake is stocked with carp which range from upper-doubles to 50 lbs plus and includes commons, mirrors, linear mirrors, fully plated mirrors and leathers. There are also some koi carp which add a splash of colour and interest to the normal catch, for the cat-fish boys there are cats to 81 lbs plus. The lake has a wealth of features to fish to including overhanging trees, graveled areas, reeds and shallow, silted bays. The depth ranges from 3m at the dam to 0.5m at the top end where there is a floating iris bed.

We limit the number of anglers to 5 unless you wish to book the whole lake exclusively, in which case, a maximum of 6 anglers are allowed.

Accommodation is bivvy with the added bonus of a covered eating area. In the summer, we will make sure there is plenty of ice to keep your drinks cold and can provide extra freezer packs, if needed.If you prefer a bit of extra comfort, there is also the option of renting the chalet which sleeps two (on proper beds) and is equipped with a four-ring gas hob and small fridge (bring your own sleeping bag or rent one from us). The chalet is automatically included, at no extra charge, if you book the lake exclusively.

On arrival Greg will show you the lake and point out all the swims and features, as well as suggesting the rigs and baits which are producing good results. This just leaves you to set yourself up for a superb and unforgettable fishing holiday.

There are two rowing boats for you to use (free of charge), or you can hire a bait boat.

We are happy to go and get any extra things you may need whilst you are here – fishing stuff, bait, shopping etc, or to get things in ready for your arrival. Towels can be provided for a small extra charge.

As with the Specimen Lake, we will also pick up any shopping or bait etc. you may want and you can come up to the house to take advantage of the WiFi.

We can also provide you with our own in-house carp pellet which is available in 4mm or 15mm, as well as boilies in various flavours. pop-ups, glug etc.


  • Size 7 acres
  • 10 swims to choose from
  • Max. 4 anglers in case of individual bookings
  • Max. 6 anglers in case of an exclusive booking
  • Carp up to 50lb+
  • Catfish up to 80lb+
  • depth 0,5 – 3 meter
  • Renting a baitboat is possible
  • Possibility to rent your entire equipment (excl. end tackle)
  • Delicious home cooked meal service


  • Anglers below the age of 16 have to fish under supervision of an adult while angling
  • Unhooking mat required
  • Only well-prepared particles, corn and hemp are allowed
  • Nuts are not allowed
  • Up to 3 rods per fisherman
  • Sacking of the fish is forbidden.
  • Catfish must immediately be put back.
  • Only PVC weighing bags allowed
  • Leadcore leaders are forbidden.
  • Multi-hook rigs for catfish are forbidden
  • Microbarb hooks are recommended
  • The main line has a minimum strength of 15lb
  • No braided main lines.
  • Landing net at least 42 inches (1.07 meters) wide.
  • Live bait is forbidden.
  • No open fire.
  • No unguarded rods.
  • The use of Klinic (or something similar) for treating the hook wound is mandatory.
  • Life jacket in the boat is mandatory.
  • Visitors must be notified in advance to the owner
  • Please put your garbage in the designated bins.
  • Arrival  after noon on Saturday
  • Departure no later than 10 am on the next Saturday


  • 1 angler                                                                        €    325,–   (drive & survive)
  • exclusive (max. 6 anglers                       )                    €  1150,–   (drive & survive)
  • niet visser                                                                     €      70,–
  • Chalet next to the lake                                                 €    170,– per week

Gite, Coarse lake and Specimen Lake

  •  july en august                                                             € 1.760,–
  • other months                                                                € 1.960,–


  • Martin’s Lakes special carp pellets  4 mm – 15 mm   €       4,-/kg
  • Prepared particles , wheat or corn                             €       2,50/kg
  • Boilies 15-18 mm, Dynamite Baits                             €      12,-/kg


  • Food Service (breakfast and dinner)                          €    150,– per week
  • Baitboat Viper Icon                                                     €      80,– per week


GPS: 45.087679, 0.229373


Call or email us to find out the availability of Specimen Lake bel voor info


Name: Bert and Martijn
Destination: Specimen Lake
Start day: 29-04-2017

Reception 5/5
Dear people who understand that it is our vacation. They even do the shopping for you if needed.

Facilities 4/5
Beautiful and well-built wooden house. Large awning with wood stove and couch. Nice view! Shower and toilet 10 meters behind the house in a cabin with hot water. Only downside is that there is no power connection. A refrigerator on gas.

The lake 5/5
Beautiful water completely grows with forest and therefore Nobody in front of you!

As basic as possible. We caught between 20 and 45 pounds with two more than 20 carps. Only during the day.

The fish
Many mirrors

Carpspots 4/5

Name: Bart Wynants
Destination Specimen Lake
Start day 23-05-2015

Reception 5/5
Great reception, we felt right after our journey of 900km relaxed and rested!

Facilities 4/5
What is there is simply good! The food itself is worth 10 stars! The rest is good, toilet shower and stuff .., only disadvantage is the lack of electricity on the ground, but the owner arranges everything neatly to charge and all the rest 🙂

The lake 5/5
Beautifully more on age, beautiful obstacles, beautiful surroundings. In short, to save a bliss.

Simple, no mega quantities of food, well-pollinated and felt and through the day a little sharper against the obstacles. Mostly caught on chod and snowman montages.

The fish
16 fish from 4 kg, to 12.14 kg and outliers of 19.4 and 20.6 kg! All in beautiful condition, no damage and such!

Carpspots 5/5
Already booked at many organizations and never knew that the travel agent himself calls to see if everything is going well, pleasantly surprised in my eyes a small effort that makes a world of difference they may still arrange holidays for me! Completely handled!