Carpspots – Karpervissen in Frankrijk

CC Lake

CC Lake is currently our only destination in Germany. This 8-hectare lake is located to the north-east of Nuremberg and we rent out this water to a maximum of 6 anglers in three sectors. The biggest carp are growing rapidly towards the 30kg  mark and are accompanied by a number of sturgeons, catfish and grass carp. A varied fish stock! You can use rowing boats and baitboats on this lake. In the vicinity of the lake you can shop for your groceries or other things that you may need.


  • 8 hectares
  • Divided into 3 zones where you have more than enough space.
  • Up to 6 anglers
  • Up to 2 rods per anglers
  • Carp up to 28 kg
  • Grass carp up to 20 kg
  • Catfish up to 30 kg
  • Sturgeon up to 22 kg
  • (Rubber) boats and bait boats are allowed as long as other anglers are not bothered .
  • Chemical toilet in the middle zone which is emptied and cleaned every week.
  • Depths varying from 1.5 to 2.5 meters
  • Hard soil with beautiful sand plates
  • Pets are allowed, provided they are kept on a leash. (of course you have to clean up after them)
  • All swims can be reached by car
  • Surrounded by trees and shrubs
  • Supermarket about 10 minutes away
  • In the price in a permit (Angelschein) for the water included which you receive on arrival. An English fishing license is required to receive it.


  • You can fish with up to 2 rods per person
  • The use of markers is not allowed
  • Use of a boat is allowed, life jacket is mandatory
  • The use of a (feed) boat with depth gauge is permitted
  • Night fishing is allowed
  • Bivvy, s are allowed, “normal” camping tents are not
  • The landing of the fish from the boat is allowed as well as the feeding from the boat
  • Maximum 1 kg of feed per day per rod
  • Only barbless hooks (maximum size 4) are allowed. Pinched barbs are NOT allowed
  • Sacking fish is forbidden
  • (Tiger) nuts, potatoes, maggots, worms, particles etc are not allowed
  • The removal of mussels and lobsters is not allowed
  • Braided line is allowed if at least 5 meters of nylon front is used
  • In zone 1, only braided line can be fished with a nylon front of 6 meters with a diameter of at least 0.50 mm
  • In Zone 1 you can not fish behind the yellow line and in that zoneyou can’t use a boat
  • Only safety rigs are allowed
  • Inline lead and leadcore are forbidden
  • Landing net with minimum opening of 100 cm is mandatory
  • Unhooking mat with raised edge and minimum diameter of 1.20 meters is mandatory
  • First-Aid is mandatory
  • Fish only tweighed in weighing bags and not in unhooking mats
  • Fish above 1.30 meters must be unhooked in the water
  • Parties and excessive drinking is prohibited with the result that you are removed from the premises
  • Instructions from the bailiffs must be followed
  • BBQ or other fires are strictly forbidden
  • The use of the existing DIXI toilet is mandatory
  • Bringing dogs is only possible after prior approval
  • Each zone must be clean and tidy on departure. Waste must be taken of the premisis
  • Swimming is forbidden
  • The owner / manager is not liable for damage to all materials of the anglers
  • Upon arrival you will receive a permit for the week and sign the regulations that apply
  • There are 2 access gates that must be closed when entering or leaving the site


  • € 35,- per night
  • Exclusive booking up to 8 anglers: € 1680,- 
  • Exclusive booking up to 10 anglers: € 2100,- 


GPS: 49 ° 44’45.1 “N 11 ° 47’03.4” E



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