Carpspots – Karpervissen in Frankrijk

Etang 101


This new destination opens its gates in April 2019 and is the second lake of Steve Bond, the owner of the famous Bossard. The lake is suitable for up to 6 fishermen and has a house directly next to the lake with a kitchen, toilet, shower and sleeping facilities.
The information is not yet complete at the moment, but we are working hard on that. The expectation is that all details will be clear in July.


  • Arrival on Sunday 11:30 am, eparture on Sunday before 10:00 am.
  • All fish to be lifted out in retaining slings not landing nets no matter what size
    No braided mainline or leadcore.
    Rig tubing must be used at all times (no leaders that means safe zone leaders)
    Minimum mainline 15lb
    Maximum hook link 20lb
    No nuts, particle or presevred bait.
    Micro barbed hooks only
    No long bent or long shank hooks
    No fixed leads, only safe rigs utilising a proper lead discharge system.
    Unhooking mats to be used at all times. (provided by etang 101)
    All fish must be weighed on weigh posts in each swim.
    Please treat the fish with respect. keep handling time to a minimum when weighing and taking photographs of your fish. return your fish as soon as possible.
    No sacking of fish is allowed, anglers may keep the fish in a landing net / recovery sling in the water for a short time for taking photographs. carp sacks are not allowed on the fishery what so ever.
    All fish must be unhooked in the water i.e., quick links, cut the hook link etc. more mouth damage is done in the net! with the line being pulled by the rod!
    Absolutely no litter, this includes cigarette butts, use the ash trays and bins provided.
    Maximum 3 rods. not to be left unattended at anytime!!
    Please use the toilets provided on the site. defecating around the lake will not be tolerated.
    You are on hoilday, by all means have a drink and enjoy yourself, drunken behaviour will not be tolerated!
    If snagged do not pull for a break! go out in the boat to un-snag. please no do not pull for a break.
    All boats must be cleaned after use.
    Life jackets must be worn at all time while a float (supplied by etang 101).
    All fish must be un – hooked in the water i.e., quick links, cut the hook link etc. more mouth damage is done in the net! with the line being pulled by the rod!rubbish must be put in the correct bins by the house
    bin 1 bottles and glass
    bin 2 tins, gas can’s and bottle tops
    bin3 anything burnable, including, paper, plastice and food
    please do not over fill the bin bagsplease don’t throw any un-used bait in the lake or bins , our fish in our stock ponds will be more then happy to help you get rid of it.
    any angler not respecting these rules, fish, environment or fishery staff will be asked to leave with no refund.


exclusive rental for up to 6 fishermen: € 1700, – (including use of the lodge and four boats)

if you require bait etc., please order 3 weeks in advance. please email your order over to
boilies – nutrition 20mm
boilies 5kg                       €  55,-
boilies 10kg                     € 100,-
hemp 1kg                         €    5,-   (minim order 5kg)
pellet 10kg                       €  22,-
pellet 25kg                       €  50,- 
particle 10kg                    € 20,-  (minim order10kg)
buckwheat 1kg                €   3,-  (minim order 10kg)
you can only use our particle which we have prepared. Any other brands or homemade particles are not allowed on the fishery. Tigernuts are also banned on the fishery too.

all bait is payable at the lake in euro’s

There is also a possibility to hire your tackle. Email or call us for details.