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Etang de Beynac

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Etang de Beynac is located in the beautiful Dordogne about 10 km from Saint-Pardoux-la-Riviere.
Etang de Beynac is a lake of approximately 5 hectares on a complex of more than 50 hectares! with a very special shape and ten beautiful swims for up to 6 anglers, giving you all the freedom to do your own thing. You are in the middle of the woods and you are one with nature. The depths vary between 1 and 4.5 meters and this gives you many challenges to catch beautiful and large fish. You will find several overhanging trees, reed beds and other beautiful spots for fishing. There may be some weed here and there, but that is absolutely not problematic for fishing and catches. The bottom consists for the most part of gravel and some soft muddy spots, an ideal habitat for fish and other aquatic life. It is the ideal place to enjoy the peace and nature that is only interrupted by hard runs and screaming beepers.

It is a water for both the novice and the experienced angler. The neat facilities include a cabin with a toilet and shower facilities and an equipped kitchen. An extra bonus is the free WiFi network

The complex is owned by the sympathetic owners Phil and Erica. The lake record currently stands at no less than 26.6 kg. And fish are caught every week that have already passed the 20 kg limit.

At the moment there are about 350 carp swimming!

Etang de Beynac is a beautiful lake to fish with your mates and can only be booked exclusively.



surface 5 hectares
10 cuttings
up to 6 fishermen
only bookable exclusively
carp up to 28.6 kg
no dwarf catfish or bream present
furnished cabin
soil mainly gravel with some softer spots here and there.
refrigerator (located in the house, not in the cabin)
free WIFI
BBQ available


The following rules apply at Etang de Beynac:

Bait boats are allowed.
The existing rowing boat may be used, but use it wisely. The owner will urgently advise you to sit across the street if, for example, you think you have to sail out your lines 200 meters away against an obstacle. The same is also the case with the use of bait boats.
When using the rowing boat, a life jacket is mandatory. (bring your own)
No swimming
Storage bags are not allowed.
No particles. Only boilies and pellets are allowed.
No leadcore, shock or snag leaders
Only safety rigs, no fixed systems.
No braided mainline.
Only barbless hooks are allowed.
To protect the fish, a tube of at least 50 cm above the lead is mandatory
Open fire is not allowed.
Pets are allowed. Please make this known with your booking
Make sure there is always someone with the rods.
Do not climb into the frequently present trees and do not cut branches.
Keep your swim tidy and dispose of the waste in the designated places.
You are not allowed to smoke in the cabin. Leave the items, such as the crockery, in the lodge and do not take anything with you to the tent.
BBQ allowed..
No loud music.
The removal of fish (of any kind) from the lake is not allowed.
Always use a (wet!) large unhooking mat. The fish should always be put back using the unhooking mat.
Maximum 3 rods per person.
The main line must be at least 15lb.
Have respect for nature.
After dropping off your gear, you must park your car in the parking lot.
Always use the available toilet.


Exclusive hire              € 1,750 per week (maximum 6 anglers and 2 non-anglers)


Breda – Etang de Beynac 740 km
GPS-coördinates: 45.503527, 0.840353
luchtfoto beynac



Name: Cheuk Ko
Destination: vEtang de Beynac
Start day: 15-10-2016

Reception 5/5
Phillip is very customer friendly and ensures that we have everything at our disposal for a good carp holiday.

Facilities 4/5
There are two toilets in cabins. 1 could not be used because of a wasp nest, the other could but was filthy. The toilet in the lodge was fine/clean.

The lake 5/5
Beautiful lake. you can fully enjoy the beautiful terrain in the middle of nature.

Snowman rig with piece of putty resting on the bottom. be careful with line pressure on the water. advice to start with 2 rods pp first. Almost all fish are caught at the dam (deepest part of the lake).

The fish
With four people 2x 40+, 7x 30+ and 1x 20+

Carps spots 2/5=bad
The service from carpspot is good, until we got there and spoke to Phillip. The information on the website does not correspond to the rules and information of the lake. This is disappointing. 1 only barbless hooks are allowed. 2 barbecuing is allowed all over the lake. 3 There is “1” grass carp in the lake.
[Carps spots: Very annoying! We try to be as careful as possible with the information on our website and we have no idea why we went wrong with this. The information has since been adjusted]

Name: Hoefkens Jelle
Destination: Etang de Beynac

Reception 5/5
What a beautiful location and reception wonderful people there! Big thumbs up, fantastic and definitely recommended for everyone.

Facilities 5/5

The lake 5/5
Beautiful water

All fish were caught on Magicbaits’ squid rr on a snowman

The fish
The catches were difficult with the warm weather up to 38 degrees but still managed to land 11 fish from 19 Lb up to the lake record so far 56 Lb
The facilities

no images were found

Carpspots 5/5
Everything perfect!




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