Carpspots – Karpervissen in Frankrijk

Etang de Chanet

Etang de Chanet is finally ready to be fished! From the moment the Dutch owner Frans Claus bought this water in 2017, an incredible amount of work has been done to finally allow carp anglers to enjoy the result in 2020. The entire lake has been dug out again, the layout of the lodge has been renewed and new toilets and showers have been installed. In addition, all swims have been redesigned and there is now electricity around the lakein every swim. In November 2019, the first 250 fish were released that were purchased from one of the most renowned breeders in France.


6 hectares
6 extremely spacious double swims
Maximum 8 anglers 
Carp up to 20 kg
Electricity in your swim
Lodge with fitted kitchen and dining facilities
Depths varying from 1 to 3 meters
A number of islands spread over the lake.
Electricity in the lodge
Surrounded by trees
Luxurious showers and toilets


The following rules apply to Etang de Chanet:

Arrival at 12:00, departure no later than 10:00.
You are obliged to use the landing nets, unhooking mats and weighing bags present there.
Use of the toilets is mandatory.
No damage may be done to plants or trees.
Fishing is only permitted from the landings
Too much noise is not tolerated.
The fish must be returned as quickly as possible and as undamaged as possible (prepare your photo and film items in advance).
No sacking of fish is allowed
Maximum three fishing rods per angler. Anglers under 16 maximum 2 rods.
Make sure that you have your landing net and unhooking mat ready before the start of fishing.
Make sure you always have a bucket of water available.
The use of Klinic (or a similar product) is mandatory.
No braided main lines.
Leadcore and leaders of any brand or type are prohibited.
Use of safety rigs is mandatory, the lead must simply come off the main line.
Use the available garbage bags and correct garbage cans to tidy everything up. We are obliged to separate all our waste.
Open fire is forbidden. BBQ on legs on the site is allowed
Rowing boats and bait boats are allowed as long as you do not bother each other.
Cars must be parked in the parking lot. We bring your gear to your swim with our quad.
Swimming is probhibited


Prices Drive & Survive

Place your booking before 1 march 2020 and receive a 15% discount!

2 anglers               € 550,- per week
Exclusive booking € 2,000 per week, max. 8 anglers 
Non-angler            € 100,- per week


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Distance Calais – Etang de Chanet: 395 km
GPS: 48,335009, 4,283248
5  Route de Geraudot
Etang de Chanet
10220 Rouilly Sacey


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