Lac Claudette

Lac Claudette is a perfect destination for carp anglers looking for a new challenge. With depths of just over 10 meters, this is the ideal lake to test your skills without making it too complicated. The rewards can be great and beautiful! The facilities are excellent and in the meantime the owner is still busy upgrading everything. That is also the reason why Lac Claudette will only be open for a limited number of weeks in the coming season. The owner does not want to bother his guests with noise from construction activities.


Depths up to over 10 meters
Soil alternating gravel and clay
Area 2.8 hectares
Maximum 5 anglers
Lodge with shower, toilet, kitchen and charging points
Dogs allowed
Pellets, particles and boilies available on site


Bait boats are allowed
No spider wire or similar leader material
Micro barbs only
No bent hooks.
No tiger nuts or other types of nuts allowed.
For your own safety excessive drinking will not be tolerated
Minimum 15 LBS line
Freezer baits only. (Boilies are also available on site.)
Sacking of the carp is not allowed
Use Klinik or similar products where necessary
Only fish-safe installations where the fish can easily lose the lead after line breakage (If in doubt, consult the owner)
Departure from the site on Saturday is 10:00 am
Never leave fishing rods unattended
No braided main line
No lead core
Rules and conditions are for the safety and enjoyment of the angler and the welfare of our carp comes first
Always keep your net within reach of where you plan to fish
When you lift a fish, it requires your full attention.
Once on the mat make sure the fins are folded flat, fins are fragile and can be broken easily.
Always use the unhooking mat and keep the fish wet
Always have a bucket of lake water on the side of your mat along with your scale and sling. Keep the fish on the bank well wet.
Never leave a fish unattended on the unhooking mat.
Photos: Support the carp with both hands underneath
Do not lean on the fish on its belly
Prevent the fish from falling
Always use your sling or unhooking mat to return the fish to the water


Per angler, per week  € 300,-
Exclusive booking (maximum 5 anglers)  € 1250,-
Non-angler, per week € 75,-

It is possible to stay with your own caravan or camper
Meal service at your spot possible, ask us!
Landing net and unhooking mat are provided, you can leave them at home


De eigenaar heeft er voor gekozen om de exacte locatie alleen bekend te maken bij karpervissers die Lac Claudette boeken.