Les Montautiers

Les Montautiers is an established name in central Normandy carp fishing with a stock of immaculate looking carp of all varieties up to over 30kg. The beautiful 2.2 hectare lake is over 350 years old and is bordered by mature oak trees and traditional French poplars. There are many characteristic hotspots, including two islands, overhanging trees, reeds, bays, several groups of water lilies, a large channel between the islands and numerous hidden plateaus.
Les Montautiers is a perfect destination for anglers of all levels, whether it’s your first trip to France or you’re a seasoned experienced traveler looking for that fish of a lifetime. Les Montautiers offers first class facilities on site, hosted by friendly owners Simon and Kyrsteen, who are always on hand to offer advice and tips to ensure our customers enjoy their stay.


Surface area 5 acres
4 swims of which 2 double
Up to 5 anglers
Lake record 30.4kg
Electricity and WiFi at your swim
Neat shower, toilet
Possibility to rent a bivvy, bait boat, etc.


No spiderwire rig or similar material
microbarb only
No bent hooks
No peanuts, tigers etc.
Particles purchased on site only
Pellets purchased locally only.. We have quality pellets available at competitive prices
No shelf life boilies
Large unhooking mats and nets are provided. Do not bring your own.
Use Gardner Intensive Care or medic+ as needed (every angler MUST have a water bottle) available locally for less than retail price
No fixed lead systems
Safe rigs please, think of the well-being of the carp at all times
Departure on Saturday at 10:00 am. Leave your place tidy again.
Zero waste – including cigarette butts and tea bags
Never leave rods unattended
No braided mainline
Lead core is not allowed.
Boat is for emergencies only. Life jacket must be worn at all times. You MUST sign the boat disclaimer at the lake when using the boat
Minimum 15lb mainline 0.35
Strictly no looting of fish allowed
No shock, lead, or safe zone leaders allowed. The only exception is PB’s hit & run system.
Rig tubing required.
Semi-fixed lead setups only, lead should fall easily (each angler will be monitored during your stay)
BBQ only off the ground
No use of the banks or surrounding land as a toilet
Always close ports. Never leave the gate open or unlocked, even for a short time
(Unless the owner opens them for expected deliveries etc.) The gates are kept closed for your safety and security
Please keep the facilities clean during your stay and as you found them on arrival
Please do not arrive before 13:00 on the day of arrival. You must be off the site by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. If you are too early, you are not allowed to wait at the gate because you will block the path for the farmers. We need this time to check the cuttings, cleaning etc. for our next guests
Maximum of three rods per angler
No boats and no wading.
A rowing boat is available to be used only in emergencies. Make sure you always wear a life jacket! You must sign a disclaimer for this upon arrival.
Bait boats are allowed
No plastic bait
All rubbish must be taken home except for items purchased at the lodge. You can dispose of your garbage in the trash cans outside the supermarket or in the trash cans in the parking lots along the way.
You are strongly advised to purchase appropriate travel insurance in the event of any unforeseen issues – refunds will not be given for circumstances beyond our control.
Fishing can be dangerous. We accept no responsibility for any accidents to persons or property, however caused
Violating any of the rules may result in you being asked to leave without a refund.

Care of a caught carp
The well-being of our carp always comes first
Below are a few common sense guidelines that all our guests should adhere to
1. Always keep your net within reach of where you want to fish
When you have a fish on it, it demands your full attention. Slack line caused by any distraction can lead to fish getting stuck and unnecessary mouth damage.
2. Make sure the fins are folded flat before lifting the fish out of the water and placing them on the supplied unhooking mat.
Fins are fragile and if caught in nets they can break easily, damaging the fish for life.
3. Always use the supplied unhooking mat on a flat, shady, soft lawn whenever possible and always away from rocks and the water’s edge.
Placing fish directly on the hard bank can cause serious external and internal injuries and removes protective mucus, increasing the risk of infection when re-entering the lake.
4. Always keep a bucket of lake water next to your mat, along with your scale, weighing bag and camera.
5. Slings should always be wet before weighing a fish to avoid removing protective slime. By having lake water on hand, you can keep the fish wet and prepare it for weighing without leaving it unattended.
Never leave a fish unattended on an unhooking mat.
6. Carps sometimes move wildly sometimes without warning and if left unattended they can easily escape from your mat and injure themselves on hard ground. Remove your rig directly from the mouth of the carp and treat with Gardner Intensive Care or medic+ where necessary. Every angler should have this in his equipment.
7. Preventing further damage and treating the fish will reduce the risk of infection and keep them in good condition.
8. When Holding Fish For Photos:
Support the weight of the carp with both hands underneath
Do not let the fish rest on its belly
Be careful not to interfere with the gills or damage the fins
Never stand to take a picture or hold the carp too high above the mat
Do not pull the carp too far towards the camera
If a carp moves while up, rock it towards your body to prevent the fish from falling – it may get you dirty, but it will prevent fatal injuries
Always use your sling or unhooking mat to put the fish back in the water. Never wear it yourself
Always take off wristwatches before touching fish


Exclusive booking € 1,729 per week
Per angler € 403 per week
None angler € 86 per week
Foodpackage € 150,- per week


69 Montautier, 53540 Cuillé, Frankrijk
GPS: 47.945402, -1.152272


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