General Travel Conditions

General travel conditions

The prices are based on rates, fees, money rates and taxes like us were known at the time that our price lists were published. After the full holiday price is paid, 8 weeks before travel, we will in principle not change the prices. When price increases, you have the right to cancel the trip. This must be submitted no later than within 3 working days of receiving our notice of the price increase. You will then ave the right to refund of the already paid.

CarpSpots offers
The offers of CarpSpots are without obligation and no rights can be derived. CarpSpots can not be held responsible for errors and/or omissions in the programs. On both textual and photographic materials in our offers are based on copyright. No part of this information may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of CarpSpots. For the adoption of part of this information for any purpose whatsoever, one needs to turn to CarpSpots.

The traveller may be replaced by another person if the request is submitted timely before the start of the journey. Subject to the following conditions:
a The substitute must meet the conditions of the journey in question;
b The request must be submitted no later than 7 days before departure or at least in sufficient time that all required actions/formalities can be performed;
c The remaining payment, as stated in our terms and conditions, must be on our account before arrival on the destination.

Before departure, guests are required to present the following documents: a valid and not expired passport (possibly a European identity card), driving licence and green card. Due to the corona pandemic, there are extra rules for traveling through countries and for staying in the country of destination. These rules can change so make sure you are aware of the rules that apply and that you comply with them before you leave! Check the rules with your authorities You must own the necessary additional information to the relevant authorities and timely before departure to make sure that the information previously provided in the meantime has not changed. If you can’t make the journey (entirely) because of the lack of one or more of the above documents, you are responsible for the consequences.

Changes by CarpSpots
We have the right to change the travel agreement, because of important circumstances. Within 48 hours (2 working days) after the important circumstances we must enter an alternative offer. If you do not agree with the alternative you can cancel the travel for free. This should be done within 3 business days afyetr you received our message of the change. If a change can be allocated yo us and if this change damage you, we are obliged to compensate the damage. You can be held responsible if a change can be allocated to you, the cost of any damage is for your account. We are required to notify you of any changes in departure times.

Our responsibility
Our responsibility is to make the journey in the best possible way including the services of the enabled service providers. We can’t be held liable for failure to perform or improper performance of a travel agreement as the shortcomings not to our debt be due. If you have troubles during the journey, we are obliged to give you as much as possible help. Any costs are for our account as the shortcomings to our debt be due. If the problems are due to you, the cost of the previously mentioned help are for your account. We are not liable for any damage, which is the result of not properly running the trip, as the shortcomings in the implementation are due to you. If we, in front of you, be liable for loss of travel pleasure, is the fee at most once the price of the booking.

Obligation of the traveler
You are required to comply with all instructions of us to promote the proper execution of the trip. A traveller that charge so much nuisance that the good performance of the travel is at risk, can be excluded by the travel Association. All costs that are a result of here are the responsibility of the traveler. If the traveller can not be held responsible of the excluzion, the full amount or a part thereof will be refunded. You are required to complete as soon as possible (preferably in writing) any failure in the performance of the travel agreement on site to sign up to the service provider in question. You are required to adhere to the House rules that you received from CarpSpots and wich are available at the destination. The owner/bailiff has the right to deny access to the complex if you are in a violation.

Despite of all our preparations and care it is possible that you believe that you have a justified complaint. This complaint must urgently (within 48 hours) at the bailiff on site be submitted, preferably in writing. If you do not do this, you basically has no right to “compensation” in any form. A complaint can logically much easier by the owner/bailiff on site be treated then after your homecoming! If the complaint can’t be resolved on the spot yo your satisfactory, it may within one month after returning to your country be submitted in writing to CarpSpots. Complaints that come later can unfortunately not be handled. If it’s a complaint that we should send abroad, it is very important that we have also a Dutch or French translation. This accelerates the handling of complaints.

If you will have to cancel the travel due to circumstances, we will on base of the following table charge you:
– Cancellation after deposit: 50% of the total holiday price
– Cancellation up to 60 days before the date of arrival: 100% of the total holiday price
We strongly advise you to take out a good travel and cancellation insurance. Carpspots can never be held responsible for covering your
travel and cancellation insurance.