Bay Lakes


Owner Lee Bayliss started setting up this complex in the Champagne region nearly 10 years ago with two carp lakes and now there are two quite mature waters. The two lakes were created by gravel extraction in the past and are separated from each other by a dam and are now surrounded by the necessary trees and shrubs. The facilities are in good order, as you would expect from a self-respecting destination in France these days. The experienced bailiff is at your disposal throughout the week. He is the man with the most knowledge of the lake and can assist you with advice and assistance. The two lakes have a total area of approximately 10 hectares and contain a beautiful and challenging stock of heavy carp.
The complex is a short distance from Vitry le Francois, where you can do all your shopping. You will also find a number of excellent restaurants and hotels.



Lake 1
5.8 hectares
Up to 8 anglers
10 swims equipped with weighing post, weighing bag and unhooking mat.
300 carp up to 36kg

Lake 2
4.2 hectares
Up to 6 anglers
7 swims (2 double) equipped with weighing post, weigh sling and unhooking mat.
240 carp up to 27kg


Arrival on Saturday not before 13:00.
Drawing no later than 2:00 PM.
Departure Saturday at the latest 10 am.
Landing net (we recommend bringing your own 2 p.p.).
Cars must be parked in the parking lot after unloading.
Keep the showers and toilets clean.
Crochet microbarb only.
Sacking of carp prohibited.
Maximum of three rods per person.
Never leave your rods unattended.
Mainline minimum 15lb.
Bait boats and rowing  boats are allowed. 
The use of nuts (such as tiger nuts, peanuts, etc.) is not allowed.
Only particles ordered on site are allowed.
Braided mainlines and leaders (any brand or type) are not allowed
You are only allowed to fish on the established swims.
Bivvies only on the laid out swims in the gravel. Not on the grass or in between the swims.
Tubing compulsory (to protect the fish).
You are obliged to take your garbage home with you (or throw it in the garbage cans in one of the many parking places along the way home). You pay a €20 deposit.
To clarify: the French authorities are now charging huge amounts for garbage collection. This can amount to thousands of euros per year for an average of water. Moreover, they can also receive serious fines if the waste is not properly separated.
Excessive drinking and drugs not allowed.
Dog allowed in consultation.


per angler per week € 375
non angler per week € 85,-
Lake 1 exclusive per week € 2,767 (max 8 anglers)
Lake 2 exclusive per week € 2,075(max 6 anglers)

10 kg house boilies (spicy fish) € 80,-
10 kg prepaired maize € 20,-
25 kg pellets € 60,-


Distance Calais – Bay Lakes 350km
GPS: 48.664360, 4.669662


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Mooi water, moeilijke week, mooie vissen.

Rated 5 out of 5
5 April 2023

Zeer slecht weer doorheen heel de week. Temperaturen tot -5 snachts en veel koude regen.

Na lang zoeken toch een aantal runs kunnen forceren. 21.5 en 25.4 kilo. Prachtige schubs.

Ga zeker terug.

Zeer vriendelijke bailiff en afdoende faciliteiten.


Beoordeling baylake 1 van 30APRIL-07MEI

Rated 4 out of 5
4 June 2022

Prima water , prima faciliteiten.

Bayliff prima evenals de eigenaar.

Enige waar ik erg aan moest wennen de Engelse karpervissers.

Wisselen constant van plek , wat veel onrust veroorzaakt.

Gerrit Bloem.