Lac de Paix

Lac de Paix -

Lac de Paix is ​​located just over the Belgian-French border in a beautiful hilly area above the city of Verdun near Luxembourg. In addition to a great range of shops and restaurants, the place Verdun also has a lot to offer in the tourist, historical and cultural field for people who also want to go out for a day trip.

With its 2.5 hectares, the water offers space for up to five anglers. To avoid any discussions, all swims are on one side of the water and everyone has more than enough space to do their thing. On the water there is a varied stock of carp in all weight classes up to 27 kilos. There are also a limited number of catfish present to keep the growth of silver fish within limits. Together with the neat and complete facilities, this Lac de Paix is ​​an extremely suitable destination to rent exclusively with 3, 4 or 5 anglers. Add to that the fact that the site is fenced and that a bailiff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with advice and assistance and you have all the ingredients for a successful fishing holiday together with your friends or family!


  • 2.5 hectares
    Carp up to 27kg
    Maximum 5 anglers
    6 neatly laid out cuttings, one of which is a two-person
    Electricity by solar panels, with sufficient capacity to charge your batteries and batteries.
    Enclosed area with entrance gate
    Modest (end) tackle shop available


You are welcome at Lac de Paix on the day of arrival from 12:30 pm
You must have left the premises by 10:30 am on the day of departure at the latest
Up to 3 rods
Up to 5 anglers
No braided mainline
Mainline between 14 and 17lb.
Leaders 15lb
Only microbarb hooks up to size 4 (no bent hooks!)
At least 30cm tube required
Only safe lead assemblies. In the event of line breakage, the lead should simply come off the line. Always report line breaks to the bailiff.
Bait boat is allowed, rowing boats are not.
Anglers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Swimming is not allowed
Dogs are not allowed
Campers and caravans are not allowed
Only freezer or fresh boilies. (these are also available locally)
Only professionally prepared particles from the well-known brands are allowed. Particles are also for sale on site for €15 per 5 kilos.
The use of peanuts and tiger nuts is prohibited.
You may only use the unhooking mats and weighing bags provided. This to reduce the risk of cross-contamination with parasites and viruses as much as possible
You must dip (disinfect) your landing net on arrival.
It is not allowed to leave your rods unattended
The use of Klinic, or any other similar product, is mandatory.
Cars must be parked in the parking lot right next to the lodge. Danny and Richard are happy to help you get your things to your place.
Clean up all your waste and think about waste separation. The rules are strict for water owners and not properly separating waste can cost the owner a lot of money. Little effort, big fun!
BBQ’s are allowed, but only on the BBQ at the lodge. (Always have a bucket of water ready for emergencies)
Fishing is only allowed from the designated swims
Drunkenness or the use of drugs will not be tolerated


  • exclusieve booking with max. 5 anglers  € 1,507,- per week


GPS: 49.283490, 5.211211



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