Lac du Monde

Dave and Michelle Williams bought Lac du Monde five years ago and in the meantime have turned this lake into a wonderful destination for carp anglers looking to fish in a natural environment. People who have fished around Limoges more often will confirm that this is one of the most beautiful regions in France. Lac du Monde has been open since 2020 and contains a balanced stock of carp that weighed up to 23 kilos when released. Who knows what time and a good feeding program have for an effect on their weight! You can go there for individual and exclusive bookings and even the possibility to have your meals arranged. You can also rent a large part of your equipment. 


2.2 hectares
Carp up to 23kg
Six swims
Maximum 4 anglers
Two islands
Meal service
Fishing equipment rental


Arrival on Saturday at 1:00 PM
Departure on Saturday no later than 10:00 am
You are obliged to use the toilet.
Only barbless hooks.
Long Curved Shank hooks, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailer etc are not allowed
Only safe zone leaders are allowed.
All other types of leaders are prohibited.
No braided mainline.
When using a zig-rig, the lead must fall from the line during the drill.
Use only safe lead systems. Consult the owner if in doubt.
Maximum 3 rods per angler.
Retaining slings are prohibited.
The carp should be returned as soon as possible after weighing and photographing.
Always have a bucket of water with you.
BBQ’s are not allowed.
Pets are prohibited.
Respect nature and do not cut branches, etc. off.
You have access to a unhooking mat, landing net, weighing bag, carp care kit and buckets in your swim. Please do not bring these items yourself.
High quality pellets available on site for €2,- per kg. Please don’t bring your own pellets.


Prices Drive & Survive

Per anglers € 240 per week
Exclusive rental € 960 per week (4 persons)
Exclusive rental € 1,200 per week (5 persons)

Prices all inclusive package

Per angler € 355 per week
Exclusive rental € 1,420 per week (4 persons)
Exclusive rental € 1.775, – per week (5 persons)
(this includes breakfast, dinner, three rods, rod pod, bivvy, stretcher, chair, tripod and scale. You only need to bring your own reels, bait alarms and end tackle)


GPS: 46.091342, 0.726673