Etang la Planchette

Etang la Planchette is situated in the rural Loraine region . The owners have done everything possible to leave  the natural look of the lake and the environment intact as much as possible. Around six acres of water have been laid out with six spacious swims and can accommodate up to five fishermen. The very complete facilities make this a wonderful destination to rent exclusively with your friends or family. There is a balanced stock of carp in the lake with really nice mirrors and also a lot of breathtaking commons.

It isn’t the biggest lake you’ve ever seen, but the carp will make you work hard for it. The  larger and older fish have become masters over the years in dodging your hook bait. Yet it is perfectly possible, when you have thought carefully about your approach, to catch a good number of beautiful fish. From the fact that many carp anglers return to this water several times, you may conclude that the fish and the excellent service are more then good!


  • Arround 8 acres
    Up to 6 anglers
    6 swims, 
    You must use the provided landing nets, unhooked mats and weighing bags.
    Carp (mirror, scale and grass) up to 66lb
    Wifi at the lodge
    Food Package
    Charging options for batteries, telephones, etc. (european sockets!)
    Particles, boilies and end-tackle available on site. (you may only use particles purchased on the spot and boilies must be fresh or freezers)
    Depths varying to 2.5 meters with more than enough interesting hotspots
    Rowing boats and bait boats allowed (you can rent a rowingboat at the lake but we would personally choose to disrupt the water as little as possible)


  • Arrival at 12:00, departure no later than 10:00.
    You are obliged to use the landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings present there.
    Use of the toilets is mandatory.
    No damage may be caused to plants or trees.
    Fishing is only allowed from the landscaped cuttings
    Too much noise will not be tolerated.
    The fish must be put back as quickly as possible and as intact as possible (prepare your photo and film stuff in advance).
    Storage bags are forbidden.
    Maximum of three rods per angler. Anglers under 16 maximum 2 rods.
    Make sure you have your landing net, unhooked, ready before the start of fishing.
    Make sure you always have a bucket of water available at the unhooking mat.
    The use of Klinic (or something similar) is mandatory.
    No braided main lines.
    Leaders are allowed, except leadcore leaders.
    Use of safety rigs is mandatory, the fish must be able to easily lose the lead.
    Waste must not be left behind in your swim. Use the existing garbage bags to clean up everything.
    Use alcohol in moderation.
    Open fire is forbidden.
    Rowing boats and bait boats are allowed as long as you do not bother each other.
    Pellets are for sale at the lake, these are also the only ones allowed
    Particles must be purchased on site (the owner wants 100% certainty that the preparation is perfect)
    Only fresh boilies or freezers are allowed. No shelf life boilies. Pallatrax boilies are available on site.



  • Exclusive booking                                 €  1.340,-       per week
  • Per angler                                             €     280,-       per week
  • Non angler                                            €     100,-       per week
  • Foodpackage                                        €     160,-       per week / per angler
  • Particle mix or maize                            €         3,-       per kg
  • Boilies  (Palatrax)                                  €       11,-       per 900 gram
  • Pellets                                                   €         4,-       per kg
  • Winter ticket                                        €     250,-      


  • Exclusive booking                                 €  1.400,-       per week (max 4 anglers)
  • Exclusive booking                                 €  1.475,-       per week (max 5 anglers)
  • Exclusive booking                                 €  1.550,-       per week (max 6 anglers)
  • Per angler                                             €     310,-       per week
  • Non angler                                            €     100,-       per week



D102 55150
Damvillers, France
gps:49.35410 5.41010