How does booking with Carpspots work?

Honesty is the best policy
We have described each destination as extensively as possible on our website and you can rest assured that the information is honest and sincere.

We don’t like having you leave for a destination where you discover upon arrival that the luxurious facilities suddenly turn out to consist of a bio toilet and a bucket of water as a shower. We aim for a long relationship with our customers and that is only possible if we are honest and you can trust that your week fishing in France corresponds to the expectations outlined. We are well aware that a fishing holiday is not cheap and that you have been looking forward to it for months. There are two things that unfortunately we can’t control yet and that is the weather and the appetite of the carp during your session. For all other matters, we guarantee that we will do the utmost to give you the fishing holiday of a lifetime!

How does booking work
Ultimately booking your fishing holiday can be done in many ways. The shortest blow is that you know exactly which lake you want to go to and at what time you want to go. We will then check the availability for you and if it fits, we will be ready quickly.
What happens more often is that you do not yet know exactly which lake meets your requirements and wishes and that you have a number of destinations in mind. No problem! In that situation you can always contact us by phone, email, whatsapp, or social media. We know every destination and we can help you by giving honest advice. We first listen carefully to what you want, because after all it is your fishing holiday.

We may then advise you to choose a lake that suits you better. To avoid disappointment, we can advise you, for example, to choose a simpler lake. For example, it makes little sense to let you go to a lake that does not suit your experience and/or abilities. There is a good chance that you will be annoyed for a week on a lake because the catches are not forthcoming. That’s of no use to you and neither do we. We try to ensure that you go to a lake that suits you as best as possible!

It is also possible that you do not even have a specific lake in mind, but that you ask us for advice based on, for example, the group size, or other wishes and requirements. In that case too, we can give you sound advice about destinations that are suitable for you.
To help you as best as possible, it is useful to think carefully beforehand about what you expect from your destination. Do you want to go back to basics or do you prefer something more luxurious. Do you just want some action with a chance of a big outlier or do you specifically want to go after the largest carp? Would you rather not drive too far or are you willing to travel a few hundred kilometers further? Are you going out with your fishing buddies or is it a combination with a family holiday? Do you want a “drive & survive” destination or do we have to take care of your entire fishing holiday including your gear, bait and also your meals? Everything is possible at CarpSpots!

There is a feedback form on our website that all customers can fill out after returning from their fishing holiday. We add these reviews to the information on the site about each destination. Whether positive or negative, we post everything! This will give you an even better idea of ​​what awaits you at your destination.

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What happens after you’ve booked.
After you have completed the booking form, you will receive all relevant documents and your invoice by e-mail within a few days. In that e-mail we explain exactly when you have to pay, we once again give you all the information about the lake in a row, including the GPS coordinates of your destination and you will receive our general terms and conditions that explain in detail how we work. In addition, we also ensure that the owner of your destination is informed about your arrival. Even after this we are still at your disposal and you can ask us anything, even if you are already fishing at your chosen destination. In fact, don’t be surprised if we call you during the first days of your fishing session. We’d love to hear from you if everything is going well, what your first impression is of the destination and if there’s anything we can do for you.