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Lac Baleine


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Located near the city of Vitry le Francois is Lac Baleine.  The lake is about 1 km long and has two islands. Like almost every lake in this region the bottom consists of gravel, sand and clay, depending on the time of year, weed growth is present. The weed is treated to reduce its impact on the fishing.

The fish regularly move around the lake so everyone has a chance of having fish in front of them, regardless of which part you are fishing. The heaviest fish caught is well over 30 kilos but there are more fish showing good weight gains so suprises are still possible. The lake stock is currently estimated at around 350 fish

The swims (1- and 2-person), are spacious and well accessible by car. The access track is gravelled, however in extreme wet conditions that the north bank is inaccessable. During these periods fishing will only be allowed from the south bank. There is a bailiff is present at the complex, he is available to offer advice and tips and assist where time allows.

The lake has only been re openned for fishing for a few years, so not all of the fish have been seen on the bank so there is still a few surprises hopefully for the angler.

The facilities consist of a shower and toilets and these are clean and well cared for.
There is solar electricity present on the complex for you to charge batteries, phones, etc.

Other facilities such as supermarkets etc can be found at a short distance in Vitry le Francois. at a short distance  by car.


  • 23 swims of which 8x 1-person and 15x 2-person
  • Size over 9 hectares
  • Max. 12 anglers in case of individual bookings
  • Max. 12 anglers in case of an exclusive booking
  • Arrival no earlier 13:00,
  • The draw starts at 2 pm on the day of arrival (if you arive later you can choose from the remaining swims)
  • Departure on Saturday at 9:30 
  • Carp (mirror, common) up to 30+ kg
  • Maximum 3 rods per angler
  • You can park your car behind your swim. (depending on the weather)
  • Rowing boats and baitboats allowed. Lifejacket in the rowing boat is mandatory! (bring your own)
  • We advise you to use a boat and a prodding stick to find the best spots and row out your lines.
  • Boats can be rented for € 90,- per week.
  • On the other side of the sand path, on the north side of the water, there is still an active gravel excavation. This causes noice because of the trucks that drive over the road behind the lake. (tip: the fish don’t care)
  • Use of an electric motor is permitted.
  • Use of markers is allowed
  • Shower and toilet are available
  • Fridge and freezer cabinet present (note, you share this with the other fishermen so the capacity i limited.
  • Electricity, by means of solar panels. Sufficient capacity to charge your phones and batteries. (European sockets!)
  • You have to take your garbage to Vitry le Francois (for example when you go to the supermarket) to throw it away. Lac Baleine is so far from the civilized world that it is not yet profitable to have it picked up at the moment.
  • A generator is allowed provided that other anglers do not suffer from them. 
  • Camper or caravan possible after consultation
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Only bivies allowed
  • Particles are allowed but the bailiff wants to make sure if they are well prepared
  • Maize, tigernuts are available on site. To ensure that this is ready for you, you can pass it on to us. You pay the manager on arrival
  • Deposit of 20 euros per person that you get back when the site is  left behind neatly.


It is only possible to book a midweek or a long weekend from November till March.
April, Mei, Sep, Okt
Exclusive booking                                 €  4.000,-       per week. (max 12 vissers)
1 angler                                                 €     400,-       per week (max. 10 vissers)
Niet visser                                             €        0,-       per week (max. 1 non angler per angler)

Prices Bait
Boilies red spice 16/20mm                  €  55,- per 5 kilo          
Maize                                                    €  2,00  per kilo
Particle mix                                         €  3,00   per kilo
Pellets                                                  €  3,00 per kilo
Boat                                                     € 90,- per week


Distance Calais – Lac Baleine 380 km
GPS: 48.728814, 4.659768

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How to get to Baleine?



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Nieuw PR

Rated 4 out of 5
3 May 2022

Mooi water van 21hectare met 23 stekken .Helaas maar 2 stekken voor 2 personen .De rest zijn 1 persoons stekken .Bij aankomst wordt er geloot wie waar zit .Gelukkig waren er maar 3 koppels. Dus 1 koppel moest apart van elkaar gaan vissen. Wij vissen altijd met z,n tween met 1 tent .De eerste nacht vingen wij gelijk een PR en daarna nog 13 mooie vissen.

Henk Zitter