Lac Lucie

Located on the same complex with Kingfisher Lake, Lac Lucie is ideally suited to families and groups of friends looking for a destination with a furnished cottage in addition to fishing. Of course you have the possibility to fish 24 hours a day, but you can also combine fishing with a relaxing holiday, together with your family or friends, in which you also explore the area. You are about 45 minutes from Limoges where you can visit the aquarium, the many cathedrals or one of the shopping centers. Or do you stay at the house and would you rather use the pool than stand in the kitchen? With the extensive meal service, even that is possible. And meanwhile you have a chance to catch carp up to just over 30kg and there are also some weighty catfish swimming around!


Furnished chalet for up to 6 people
Surface area over 1 hectare
Largest carp 30.8 kg
Up to 3 anglers
Average weight 18kg
Stock 110 carp


You must have a suitable landing net available at all times while fishing and it must be disinfected before use in the appropriate disinfection tanks.
Sacking of fish is prohibited.
All fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible and with great care. Always have a bucket of water on hand to keep fish wet on the unhooking mat.
You must use our unhooking mats (available free of charge).
Do not leave the rods unattended when your line is in the water.
Dispose of all waste carefully, including cigarette butts and tea bags.
No nuts, corn and no shelf life boilies.
You must be in possession of Klin-Ik (or a comparable brand) to treat all hook wounds on the unhooking mat. This can also be purchased from us.
No leadcore and only barbless hooks.
No braided main lines, snag leaders or shock leaders.
Minimum mainline pull 15lbs.
When fishing for catfish, the minimum mainline pull is 20 lbs.
Maximum of three rods per angler allowed.
Bait boats should be used with great caution. Stay away from any obstacles.
Rig tubing of at least 60cm is required.
Please note that rowing boats can be dangerous – it is your responsibility to provide your own life jacket.
Drunk, aggressive, overly noisy or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We reserve the right to terminate your stay without refund.
All baitfish for the predatory fish should be caught on the lake itself.

Accommodation rules
Do not throw sanitary towels or diapers in the toilet
The chalet must be left clean before departure, otherwise additional cleaning charges may apply.
Household waste must be separated for recycling. Bags and bins are available. If you do not do this, you may be charged € 20 extra cleaning costs.
Do not use cooking utensils and utensils from the chalet for preparing bait.
Chalet towels, tea towels and bed linen are NOT to be used on the bank.
No glasses or bottles in or on the pool walls. Use the tables nearby.
Please do not feed any of the animals or livestock you see on the complex!
Arrival time no earlier than 4pm unless by prior arrangement.
Departure time no later than 10:00 am.
No visitors without prior appointment/permission.


Prijs per week € 1,389,- (maximaal 5 personen)
Borg € 250,- (Dit krijg je binnen een week naar vertrek terug wanneer alles heel is gebleven en je alles netjes en schoon hebt achter gelaten.)


La Maison des Etangs, Poumeroux, 16 310 Massignac
GPS: 46.787597, -0,384081


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