River Lake

You want to go to France, but are afraid of traveling too far? Then River Lake is a great destination for you! The complex is located near Verdun, just across the Belgian-French border. Riverlake is perfect for groups of up to 4 people so everyone has more than enough space to fish. And if you want to go out or do some shopping, you can reach Verdun within a 5-minute drive.


Size of water: 3.50 hectares
Difficulty: medium
Dogs: on request
300 carp up to approximately 25 kg
Toilet and shower facilities
Parking next to your swim


Arrival from 1 p.m.
Departure before 10 am.
Always close the gate at the entrance, both when you are away and when you are on site.
Maximum 3 rods per angler,
Never leave rods unattended
Mainline minimum 15lb.
Braided line is prohibited, but permitted on marker or spod rods.
Barbed hooks only.
Hook size 2/4/6 allowed, other sizes not allowed.
Longshank hooks not allowed
Unhooking mat required and landing net not smaller than 42 inches.
Carp care mandatory
Swimming prohibited
Sacking is prohibited
Floating slings may be used for a maximum of 15 minutes
Feeding nuts and fishing are not allowed, particles must be prepared professionally.
Only freezer baits. Shelf life boilies not allowed.
No plastic bait.
Bait boats are allowed. Do not cause any inconvenience to your fellow fishermen.
Open fires and BBQs are prohibited
“The Twig” is not allowed.


Per angler, per week € 380
Non-angler €80
Exclusive rental up to a maximum of 4 people € 1,200