Lac D’Arcy

In the famous Champagne region, between fields of sunflowers, corn and lavender you can find the stunning lake Lac D’Arcy. It is one of the most popular areas for  the English, Dutch and Belgians to fish. Many gravel pits are transformed into carp lakes in the past and there is plenty of choice.  We first visited Lac D’Arcy in 2014 and you can immediately see that the property is well taken care of.  Clear water with neatly landscaped swims and a beautiful lodge are the first things that stand out. Once inside the lodge you will find a wall of fame with many pictures of the underwater inhabitants. Many wonderful mirrors and massive commons to well over 70lb are caught in recent years tickle your imagination.  The entire complex is securely fenced. The bailiff is available to assist you and provide you with tips & tricks. With 11 acres there is place for up to eight anglers in case of an exclusive booking and four when you book half the lake. An ideal water to fish with a group of friends! 


• max. 8 in case of an exclusive booking
• 11 acres
• Depth up to 2.5 meters
• You can book half the lake (east or west), or book the whole lake.
• Spacious and well equipped lodge
• Bailiff present
• Carp up to 73lb
• The lake is completely fenced.
• Gravel swims
• Electricity in the lodge
• Fridges (plenty of space)
• Showers and toilets
• Food package possible
• 10 minutes from Vitry le Fancois.
• No poison-chat and crayfish present.
Bring your own unhooking mats, landing nets and weighsling


At Lac D’Arcy the following rules apply starting 2024:

  • Arrival on Saturday from 13:00, departure no later than 10:00 the following Saturday .
    Please don’t arrive before 13:00! The group before you have exclusive use of the entire complex till Saturday 10:00. (Most of you wouldn’t like it either if next weeks group turns up early)
  • Help us prevent problems! 
    For Lac Darcy, from this season onwards, items such as landing nets, weighing bags, unhooking mats, cradles, waders and wading boots must first be dipped in the container with a disinfectant before going to your swim.
  • Up to three rods per person.
  • (Well prepared) particles are allowed.
  • The use of  tigernuts, and and all other nuts are prohibited.
  • Only use the best quality boilies available to you. We still prefer freezer baits.
  • No plastic baits. There are great pop-ups shaped as corn on the market
  • Keep bags are prohibited.
  • The hook wound should be treated with Klinic or a simular product.
  • We prefer you handle (unhook, treat wounds) and take pictures in the water of any fish above 40lb.
  • Only barbless hooks allowed, no circle- or long shank hooks
  • No fixed leads. Only safety-rigs utilising a proper lead discharge system should be used
  • Use of leadcore and leaders (of any kind) is prohibited.
  • Landing net of at least 42 “is required. You must dip it on arrival.
  • Bring your own unhooking mat and weigh sling. Size and quality fitting the size of our carp.
  • Bait boats are allowed.
  • Rods may not be left unattended.
  • Main line must be at least 15 lbs.
  • Open fires and barbecues are prohibited.
  • Waste (separated) into the appropriate bins (including cigarette butts). Please read the intructions on site and act accordingly. The owner can get fined up to € 4000,- for not separating the waste according the law!)




Lac D’Arcy West (max. 4 anglers) € 1.150,-
Lac D’Arcy East(max. 4 anglers) € 1.150,-
Lac D’Arcy exclusive (max 8 anglers, max. 2 extra anglers a € 275,- p.p.) € 2.200,-
None angler                 € 70,-
Food Package          € 160,-
Using the kitchen € 50,-
8mm pellets 25 kg € 50,-
Prepared maize10 kg € 15,-
Boilies The Lake specials per kg     € 10,-
home adress
house number
postal code
names of the anglers and non anglers


GPS: 48.687840, 4.677968


home adress
house number
postal code
names of the anglers and non anglers


Name: Mark Taylor
Destination: Lac D’Arcy
Start date: 15-08-2020

Bailiff/owner 5/5
Both owner/bailiff are top notch.

Facilities 5/5
Very clean plenty of fridge /freezers to keep bait food water etc

The lake: 5/5

The fish
3 x 60s 5 x 50s Several 40s and 30s.

Carpspots 5/5
Excellent service highly recommended. Henk will do everything he can to make your trip as easy as possible

Name: Phil Connoly
Lake: Lac D’Arcy

Start: 22-09-2018


Bailiff/owner 5/5

J.k the bailiff was an absolute gent and look forward to meeting him again soon!


Facilities 5/5

Done the job you need clean and hot so all good!


The lake 5/5
Couldn’t fault the lake swims where perfect! The lake it self seemed to be well maintained no dangerous snags swims where placed perfectly.

I wouldn’t say I totally sussed it on my week but I found resting spots defently helped me bag some decent fish!!! Bait used was maize and boile!!

The fish 
37common 57:3 common 59:5 mirror 44lb common 43lb mirror 26lb grass 51lb common

Carpspots 5/

Henk is an abersoute legend so so helpful

Name: David Filby
Destination:: Lac D’Arcy
Start date: 21-07-2018

The bailiff/owner  5/5
JC what a great bailiff he went totally out of he’s way to help us from start to finish and he would be the reason I would return

Facilities 5/
Large fridge freezers perfect for our needs

The lake 5/
Beautiful and clean the weather was too hot for fishing but the lpeace and quiet made up for it. The roach were a pain in the ass!

Snowman rigs 
The fish
46lb common 
Carpspots 5/5

Great will be back I promise Thank you.

Naam: Graham Gordon
Destination: Lac D’Arcy

Start day: 30-06-2018


Owner/Bailiff 4/5
Facilities 4/5
The lake 4/5
The weather was extremely hot whilst we were at the lake, the water temp of the lake was close to 30 degrees for the whole week

Aanpakzigs, snowmen,ronnies stiff hinges, floaters straight bottom baits, wafters all fished on either clay, gravel or silt


The fish
43lbs mirror carp, 17lbs mirror 37lbs common carp 3 x grass carp to 37lbs 
Carpspots 5/5
Difficult weeks fishing mainly due to the weather conditions, lots of fish showing but just not interested in feeding


Name: Graham Gordon
Date: 16-09-2017

The bailiff/owner 5/5
6 of us fished the lake, we have fished the lake previously last year, fishing was slow without a fish being caught until Tuesday. We landed 14 fish in total, 2 of those being 55lb and 54lb12oz, 6x40s to 48lb 3x30s to 37lb and 3x20s to 29lb all of the fish were in great condition and were mainly beautiful commons, we also caught 2 stock fish which both had their inner mouth membranes in place. The fish were showing regularly but seemed to be concentrated towards the lodge end of the lake, 2 of our guys were fishing swims 9 and 10 the guy in 9 had 9 fish the guy in 10 blanked! He is a good angler he tried everything to catch, the fish were all over his swim, jumping and rolling but it didn’t happen for him. The weather may have played a part as it was sunny and warm during the day but cold and clear skies at night. Only one fish caught at night.. Jean-Claude as always is the “man” great guy. Food package was good although the evening meals were a little unusual at times. Maybe be worth thinking about just offering a breakfast only option as the breakfast was great and filled us up for the day. looking to book again for next year but we are looking to come earlier in the year maybe July. Thanks guys.

Facilities 5/5

The lake 4/5
always well tended swims tidy and grass cut, a lot of weed both floating and on the lake bed made presentation difficult sometimes, when we fished last year there was no weed as Jean-Claude told us the lake had been treated to kill off the weed

stiff hinge rigs, Ronnie rigs, wafters

The fish
see above

Carpspots 5/5
always professional and very helpful

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Lastige week door weersomstandigheden, maar super service en zeer vriendelijk

Rated 5.0 out of 5
23 April 2023

Ondanks de lastige weersomstandigheden voor de tijd van het jaar, hebben we er een paar hele mooie toppers uit kunnen pikken.

Super service van Carpspots en natuurlijk de bailiff en eigenaar. Tot volgend jaar.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
25 October 2022

Weekje darcy van 15 oktober 2022

Bij aankomst was alles weer prima geregeld, we hadden de kant van het eiland en hebben daar 17 mooie vissen weten te vangen, waarvan de zwaarste 31,2 kilo spiegel.

Mijn record is daar 32 kilo

Wij blijven zeker terug komen.

Bedankt Henk en Jan

René zeyderveld

Lac darcy

Rated 5.0 out of 5
30 September 2022

Met and fished with some great people we all had a few fish out between us great venue and thanks to Jean Claude the ballif top man we will be returning to lac darcy again

Anthony harper

Darcy week 32

Rated 4.0 out of 5
28 September 2022

In week 32 zijn we een week op Darcy geweest. De faciliteiten waren prima. De keuken heeft wel wat onderhoud nodig. Maar is alsnog goed te gebruiken. Door de lange droogte was het waterpeil laag. Dit maakte de vissen wat minder actief. Maar als je aanpak goed is kun je alsnog goed vangen. Met 19 vissen in totaal mogen we dan ook niet klagen. Vijf vissen boven de 20 kilo. De locatie is prachtig. Zeker de beboste kant geeft ook veel schaduw. Vriendelijke en behulpzame bailiff die regelmatig een praatje komt maken.

Rene van Lieshout

Top water voor geduldige mensen.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
8 August 2022

Ik had in de laatste week van april een top week. Het was mijn 3de keer daar. Het was een zalige week samen met de mensen van de West in voorgaande review. 7 vissen tot 30.7 kilo. Deze en een 27 kilo schub kwamen langs in de laatste nacht. Het is geen makkelijk water en dumpen werkt averechts. Geduld en aandacht voor lijndruk maken veel uit.

Het water heeft een geweldig bestand. Let wel op dat je hard haakaas hebt wegens gepruts van de witvisjes.

De vissen zijn enorm sterk dus stem je materiaal erop af. Zoek de vissen. Ze kennen de klappen van de zweep.

Wederom dank aan Henk en Jan.

Philippe Marien