Etang Damvillers

Just across the Belgian-French border, near Verdun, lays Etang Damvillers. The lake has not been fished for the past four years and the new owner has done a lot of work to restore the lake to its former glory. In addition to rebuilding the 10 swims, he immediately upgraded the facilities also. The approximately 14.8 acre lake still contains plenty of surprises, but carp up to around 25 kg have now been caught. Also because of the relatively short travel distance, we already predict that this will be a busy lake!


14.8 acres
10 swims, including two 2 doubles
Maximum 7 anglers
Carp up to 25kg (as far as we currently know)
Fitted kitchen
Cars can’t be parked in the swim. The owner will move your gear to your swim.
There are some crayfish in the lake.


Arrival at 12:00, departure no later than 10:00.
You are obliged to use the landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings present there.
Use of the toilets is mandatory.
No damage may be caused to plants or trees.
Fishing is only allowed from the landscaped cuttings
Too much noise will not be tolerated.
The fish must be put back as quickly as possible and as intact as possible (prepare your photo and film stuff in advance).
Saching fish is forbidden.
Maximum of three rods per angler. Anglers under 16 maximum 2 rods.
Make sure you have your landing net, unhooking mat, ready before the start of fishing.
Make sure you always have a bucket of water available next to the unhooking mat.
The use of Klinic (or something similar) is mandatory.
No braided main lines.
Use of safety rigs is mandatory, the fish must be able to easily lose the lead.
Waste must not be left behind in your swim. Use the existing garbage bags to clean up everything.
Use alcohol in moderation.
Open fire is forbidden.
Rowing boats and bait boats are allowed as long as you do not bother each other.
Pellets are for sale at the lake, these are also the only ones allowed
Particles must be purchased on site (the owner wants 100% certainty that the preparation is perfect)
Only fresh boilies or freezers are allowed. No shelf life boilies. Lake special boilies are available on site.


Exclusive booking  € 2,567 per week (max 7 anglers)
Individual booking  € 368 per week 
Food Package available


Distance Calais – Etang Damvillers 415km