La Grande Saussaie

La Grande Saussaie is a wonderfully large lake of about 20 hectares and is located at an excellent travel distance, just southeast of Nancy. This lake, which was previously privately owned, opened to the public in 2020 and has since shown to contain a wonderfully varied stock with specimens now weighing up to 80lb. It is also a bonus that you can use a rowing or bait boat on a water with this surface area.


Surface 20 hectares
Depths up to 5 meters
14 swims (5 double)
Carp up to 37kg
10 minutes drive to shops
Basic facilities, showers, toilets, electricity.
There are poison chat in the lake


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Maximum 3 rods per person.
Arrival between 2 pm and 6 pm, departure before 11 am.
Bait boats and rowing boats allowed. Please stay within the boundaries of your own zone. (There is a reasonable amount of weed in the lake. Always handy to have boat with you to place your rigs spot on and sometimes drill a carp)
You ALWAYS wear a life jacket in the boat
Safety rigs are required. In the event of a line break, the lead should simply be released. The bailiffs carry out regular checks.
The main line (nylon) must be at least 15lb.
No open fire. A BBQ on legs is allowed.
Strike and drill with caution. The fish have soft beaks.
No unattended fishing rods allowed.
Cars may not be parked on the road.
Clean up your garbage (including cigarette butts) properly. Please take your garbage home at the end of the week. (Plenty of options to dispose the bags in bins near shops or parking places on the highway.)
Keep the noise to a minimum. Have respect for your fellow anglers and nature.
Dogs are tolerated, they must not cause a nuisance to other guests. Their droppings must be picked up.
Leave your swim behind like you found it: clean! 
Leave the shrubs, trees and aquatic plants alone.
You only change swims after consultation with the owner or a bailiff,
The theft, destruction, mutilation of fish will also lead to criminal prosecution.
Any exceptions to the rules can only be made with the permission of the owner/bailiff.
No vehicle is allowed to drive around the lake after 9:00 PM.
Sacking fish (even for a short period of time) is strictly prohibited
The use of the tiger nut is only allowed as bait (at the bottom of the line), when feeding it MUST be crushed.
Please leave the showers and toilets clean after use for the next visitor.
(You cannot drink the tap water on the complex. Bring bottled water.)


Per person per week €   250,-
Exclusive booking (max 14 anglers) €3.200,-
Non angler €     40,-


GPS: 48.54240304394529, 6.558437353626676


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