Les Saisons

Les Saisons is an almost 100 year old hand-dug gravel quarry. The lake has a good stock of carp and many of the customers have compared Les Saisons to an old English estate lake, in other words mature, beautiful and quite shallow with a good amount of weed for the carp to hide and feed on.
It presents different challenges depending on the season. Earlier in the year when the water level is high using a boat is useful while as the year progresses and the water level drops you should be prepared to put on your waders to go after the fish. If you are adept at fishing a body of water where the fish use the weed to hide in, this is the one for you.


4 hectares
At the beginning of the season, the water level is about 2 meters in the deepest places. During the season (and depending on weather conditions) the water level can drop to between 70cm and 1m.
12 swims
Up to 6 anglers
More than 250 carp up to 24 kg
Neat newly furnished lodge equipped with fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave and charging points for bait boats etc.
Place to BBQ at the lodge
10 minutes from Vitry le François
New toilet and new shower
English speaking owners available.


Arrival 1:00 pm, departure the following Saturday 10:00 am
Maximum 3 rods per person
Unhooking mat, landing net and weighing bag are provided.
Only fish safe systems
Only fluorocarbon leaders such as the Korda Safe Zone and Nash TT allowed.
No braided material leaders.
Braided main lines are not allowed
Mainline minimum 15lb
No open fire.
Sacking prohibited
Bait boats are allowed.
Rowing boats are available, but only for freeing a carp. You pay a deposit in advance for a rowing boat and of course you get it back when you leave it in the same good condition.
Swimming is not allowed.
You are only allowed to fish in the equipped swims.
No “buddy bivvies” between swims allowed
Garbage must be deposited in the designated trash cans
You  leave the vegetation untouched
All baits are allowed, provided they are properly prepared at home and used in normal amounts prior to the start of your session.
Pets are not allowed.
Undesirable behavior and/or breaking the rules may result in you being asked to leave the complex without a refund of your money.
Marc and Helena are of course always willing to help and advise you, should you have any doubts about anything.


Individual booking € 330,- per week.
Exclusive booking with a maximum of 4 people € 1575,- per week.
Exclusive booking with a maximum of 6 people € 1800,- per week.


GPS: 48.659591, 4.662441


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