Update April 2023

We will keep you informed about what is happening at our destinations in the coming season. We regularly provide an update on catches, changes, upgrades and other special news! The first update is about the first weeks of the new season.


Michel Haalboom and his mate have now returned from their visit to this iconic water and sent us the following message:

Dear Carp Spots,
The week of April 15 to 22 we fished Negreloube. we would initially fish swim 1.2 because this is a double swim and we always fish together. On arrival we walked around and we wanted  to fish swim 7, 8.. later the day another Frenchman came to fish swim 1 and 2.. the Frenchman threw in a rod on arrival and after a short time it already went off, and that resulted in a big 50+. Not knowing at that time what the week was going to bring us, we were afraid that we had made the wrong choice and that it would not go well for us this week. We had bad luck with our car on the way there bus and we had to continue with a rental car that did not fit all our stuff and had to drive 2x 200 km back and forth so that we could finally go fishing .. after a day Arie finally got a bite from a small mirror and a little later another little one followed.. the next day I was still without fish and Arie managed to catch a 61.7lbs mirror, which later turned out to be the top mirror of the water.. then my rods also started to regularly bring a fish to the mat.. Wednesday the dream fish came on the mat for me, a 62.1lbs scale which is also 1 of the biggest of the lake. In the rest of the week my mate got another 3 24kg plus fish on the mat and we caught a good number of 20 kg plus fish. It has really been a great week for us in terms of fishing, which quickly makes us forget all the setbacks with our transport.. We will definitely come back here, what a beautiful carp and beautiful surroundings.
Thight lines Michel Haalboom

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Villedieu Lake 
Paul and Kelly Copperwaite have worked hard over the past two years to finally open the doors of Villedieu Lake  this season. How cool is it when your first customers catch a huge amount of carp and experience a perfect week! Moreover, they were also able to immediately adjust the lake record upwards by +2 kg!

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Lac Tournizet 
It was pretty tough on Lac Tournizet in April. Every weather type and every wind direction has passed. However, regular visitors Klaas & Aron Dijksterhuis, Gerrit Kuipers and Harrie Boer still managed to catch about 10 fish with a high average weight of 18 kg. Harrie had the winner of the week with 27.3 kg!
Dominique has now started building the new lodge! In the picture you can already see that it will be a lot bigger than the old one.

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