Lac du Jardin

TZktqIIEsqj8oqp38P0hMVVFTUELnYqdXSKIafURGZ0,RjWrMI59T-eBYoIKdFOtU7JfKJyDts5JFOWJ8ASawkgLac du Jardin, rarely was a name more appropriate for a lake. The first time we saw the lake we got the feeling that we had ended up in a garden with a beautiful, two-hectare, elongated water. Surrounded by high conifers and trees, you are almost completely cut off from the surrounding agricultural land as we see so often in the Champagne region. In 2011 and 2012, 78 carp were added to the existing stock and in 2014 was the last addition of 13 larger carp. The fish are growing steadily and that is why the lake record is already slightly above 28 kg at the moment. At the moment, more than 30 different fish have been caught over 18 kg and who knows what will come to life in the course of time!
The water is suitable for up to four fishermen because of its perfect elongated shape. Colin and Ann prefer to rent the water exclusively, to two, three or four anglers, but sometimes an individual last minute booking is also possible. In the spring of 2015, Colin built a new cabin with, among other things, a shower, toilet, freezer, dining table, chairs and electricity. 
A perfect place for carp anglers who are looking for a water with more luxury and comfort.


  • Size 4,8 acres.
  • Maxi 4 persons (anglers and none anglers)
  • 5 swims
  • Carp up to 68lb 
  • Cabin
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Electricity
  • Unhookingmat, net and weigh slings are provided


Up to 4 anglers
Young people under 16 only accompanied by an adult
Use of the available unhooking mats, weighing bags and landing nets mandatory
It is mandatory to use a minimum of 30cm tube on the main line to protect the scales.
You may only use (non-preserved) freezer baits. We advise to use the boilies sold by the owner. It is a proven boilie that the fish are used to.
Only particles purchased on site may be used.
(Tiger)Nuts are not allowed
Maximum 3 rods per angler
Sacking of fish is prohibited.
Leadcore and all other leaders are prohibited.
Microbarb hooks or pinched barbs required. No barbless hooks!
The mainline has a minimum strength of 15lb,
No braided main lines.
Landing net at least 42 inches (1.07 meters) wide.
Ronnie/spinner rigs are prohibited.
When the fish is in the landing net, you are obliged to remove the net from the spreader block and then slide the weighing bag under the net and the fish in order to lift the fish out of the water. All this of course to protect the fish!
Rowingboats prohibited,
Bait boats allowed.
No open fire.
No unattended fishing rods.
The use of Klinic (or similar) for the treatment of the hook wound is mandatory.
Garbage in the appropriate bags.
Arrival from 12.30 pm on Saturday
Departure no later than 10:00 am on Saturday
You are allowed to bring a dog, but only if you book the entire lake exclusively. Please indicate this with your booking.


  • Exclusive booking                             €   1400,- per week  (3 or 4 anglers)
    Exclusive booking                              €  1000,- per week (2 anglers)
  • Particle mix                                       €        20,- per 8 kilo (please order at least 1 week in advance)


Calais – Lac du Jardin 360 km
GPS 48.681534, 4.688471


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