Carpspots – Karpervissen in Frankrijk

Pegasus Lakes

This brand new complex was excavated in 2007 and is located close to Vitry le Francois in the Champagne region and is therefore easily accessible from Calais. Pegasus Lakes consists of two beautiful lakes of a fantastic size. One lake is 30 acres and the other 32 acres.The lakes both offer everything the modern carp angler needs and you will not encounter any catfish, poisson chat or crayfish. At the moment, the very sympathetic owner, Pete Burk, is putting the finishing touches on the facilities (lodge, toilets, showers) and the swims. Lake 2 will be opened for public in 2022.The lakes are currently best described as runs waters with a chance of a 40lb+ fish.

Pegasus Lake 1


Open to guests for the first time in the 2021 season
6 double and 5 single swims
maximum 15 anglers per week (in case of an exclusive booking)
parking behind the swim or in the central parking lot.
lodge with a kitchen, showers and toilets
bottom consisting of gravel, hard spots and parts with a layer of silt
depths up to about 3 meters
release in 2019 from 800 carp to 42lb
a limited still unknown old stock is present


Respect the location
Respect the fish
Respect each other
Landing nets, weighing bags and cradles are provided
Do not leave fishing rods unattended
Maximum of 4 rods per person
No braided main line
Leadcore is prohibited
Leaders, such as Korda’s, are allowed.
No plastic baits
Only micro barb hooks
Bait boats are allowed
Rowing boats only to bait up, but not to place rigs.
A life jacket MUST always be worn when using a boat.
Keeping bags are prohibited
Use of the toilet is mandatory.
No open fires or barbecues
Leave trees or shrubs alone
Waste in the appropriate garbage bags
Dogs are allowed, but you are responsible for cleaning up their faeces
Do not move fish between more 1 and 2


individual booking € 290,- per person per week
exclusive booking € 2.500,- per week (up to 12 anglers.)
exclusive booking € 2.640,- per week (13 anglers.)
exclusive booking € 2.780,- per week (14 anglers.)
exclusive booking € 2.920,- per week (15 anglers.)
non-angler € 25,- per person per week